• an image to show how God can bring something beautiful out of a situation
    Beautiful people, as such a time as this (COVID-19 in 2020), I’m wondering….Why?  But then, I get a glimpse within where I see how God works it out, but it takes patience, faith, and communing with God daily to see His hand move in a mighty way. So, if you’re
  • Elbonie
    Have you ever wondered, ‘when is it going to be my time…?’ A question such as the one mentioned above could refer to those things you pray about, that un-joyful situation you want to be over, the family member you’re concerned about, or it could refer to you wondering will
  • Elbonie
    Life. What is it? How do you handle it? What does one do when they feel lost in life? The researcher in me has me wondering about ‘life’ because some moments life will bring you joy, then other moments life will bring you those unwanted emotions you don’t want to
  • Elbonie
    In this lifetime, we are not omitted from a crisis of some sort happening. Whether it’s financial, spiritual, emotional, relational—a crisis of some sort will find its way to you. The priceless question you may ponder in your head from time to time, is, “how do I overcome something that
  • Elbonie
    Life will happen. It happens when you least expect it to happen. It happens when it’s an inconvenience to you; it happens when something else is already happening; it just happens. The Creator does not give us the specific day, nor the time situations happen. He gives us the opportunity

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