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Hello, Beautiful People.

A little disclaimer of love before we begin this journey:

As I write from my soul, I will mention God, Love, Jesus, or Creator from time to time. So there is not any confusion when I refer to either of these four proper nouns, I am talking about a higher power that created us as humans, and the world in which we exist. Now, let’s get back to why you’re reading this message from me!

I’m Dr. E.

I’m down with love.

Not gushy, romantic love – although that’s incredible – but raw, authentic love that reaches inside of the real you.

My call to love comes from my journey that I walk out each day. I’ve experienced heartaches and hurt, just like you have. And just like your life, my love hasn’t always grown out of the perfect circumstances.

But I bring a love that transcends my understanding. I’ve received a sincere love, given to me freely from Christ, and has inspired me to love others exactly where they are in their lives.

I run an online boutique that sells one-of-a-kind apparel and accessories that have inspired a movement of radical love across the globe. Love Naturally is the curated boutique spreading the love around the world with a heart of acceptance, boldness, and great style.

While also embracing my love for style, one thing that brings me a deeper joy is encouraging others. I always find myself saying, “everything happens for a reason.” So, the pain that I’ve experienced and learned from, inspires me to encourage and teach others how to ‘walk through the pain’ they might feel in their life.

The ways in which I enjoy inspiring and teaching others is through hosting Lessons In Loving Naturally podcast and blogging about how to handle the different challenges we might face in our daily lives. Now, when you put all of these three elements together, you will see the essence of living a Love Naturally lifestyle.

I would love to talk with you.

Love Naturally,

Dr. E

Dr. E

Realist of Love





  • I once wanted to purchase a crotch rocket motorcycle
    (some days I still think about fulfilling that thought!)

  • When I was younger, we traveled as a family to Toronto,
    Canada for the Caribbean festival
    (I need to go back now that I’m a little older!)

  • Jumping out of a plane is still on my bucket list

  • I love to bake oatmeal cookies at least once a month
  • Podcaster
  • Blogger
  • Everything Else


Life inspirer







love yourself…before you can love others…

I'm ready to increase my mindfulness!

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