Lessons in Loving Naturally
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/ ləv /
an intense feeling of deep affection.
Love Naturally is a message of freedom to love yourself and others in its purest form, which can be interpreted as loving unconditionally. This message began with a vision that was embedded in each one of us to demonstrate that it’s okay to love the unlovable, it’s okay to love someone first, and it’s perfectly okay to embrace and love yourself. Many times, fear can cause you to miss those opportunities to love, but to Love Naturally is the epitome of loving without a cause or a motive.

The experience one can receive from being able to love naturally will cause doors to be opened, lives to be changed, and the freedom to be who you were created to be, which is a light of love.

From LA to Kenya, a revolution of men, women and children is growing. As people begin to accept themselves for who they are, and love the people around them without judgement, we are experiencing a revolution of love and community that is hinged on authenticity and mask-free living. You are not alone. You deserve to experience a love that is bold and unapologetic. Intense self-love and inspiring love for others that you connect with naturally in your everyday life.

Latest Thoughts from the blog


When you keep praying, but nothing seems to change

Lord, I keep praying…are you ever going to answer? If you can relate to this statement, know that you are not alone. As a human being, it’s normal to want God to answer prayers on the timetable you establish…

Life is not comfortable, but it will get better.

Life is not comfortable, nor is it structured in a way where we get what we want when we want it. But, life does present itself in a way where we can see ourselves on the other side of the struggle if we do not give up.

How to connect to peace in the midst of life happening

Life can have you working in so many directions at once, which leads to frustration, disappointments, sadness, and any emotion that is uncomfortable for you to manage on a daily basis. With all of these emotions, there is still an opportunity for you to seek out peace in the midst of a life storm.

Change is a process: Don’t give up while it’s happening

Change is not the always the most comfortable thing we connect to, but it’s needed for us to begin to see the positive occurrences we want in our lives.


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