When It Feels Like God Is Not Leading You Right Now.

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You are protected, even though you can’t see the protection or the specific details of understanding how a greater power protects you.

My experience:

I go home to see my parents; I travel the same route each time. To make it a safe ride home, I always pray before I hit the road, and I intentionally trust that God is in control even though I can’t “physically” see His protection.

Well, on September 11, 2020, I took the same route home, and I did the same actions I always do. I listened to my soul (being still), grooved to my music, and chatted with a friend. However, this time, I realized I was about eight miles “pass” the exit I needed to take.

Ughhhh…was my thought at first. But the Holy Spirit impressed on my heart that He guided me pass the exit for my protection. Now, I don’t specifically know what I was protected from, but I know that I made it safely home to see my parents.

In real life…

You pray. You ask God to lead you. You pray some more, and nothing has changed in the direction you desire for it to go.

Going deeper, you ask God to help you, but you or your family situation has not changed. The husband is still the same, your marriage didn’t improve yet, the sickness is still lingering, you’re still not married, you secretly are disappointed with life, or your soul feels weighed because the pandemic is still here with no end in sight.

God got you and your situation…

If you’re reading this blog–God wants you to know that He’ protecting you from you and your situation.

As you ask God to help you, you won’t be able to see the protection, but He will lead you ‘to pass’ the chaos and trouble so that you can experience safety, love, and peace that surpasses your understanding.

With that, if your situation today does not seem hopeful or feels like your world is dark from time to time, God wants you to know that He is in control, and He is leading you in the direction of safety and peace, which is His promise in Psalm 91.

Applying the protection to real-life…

God enjoys when you spend time with Him (i.e., it’s a drawing within to seek someone higher than a human being) because you’re building your relationship with Him. He’s not interested in religious efforts; He’s interested in your heart effort toward Him.

Wherever you are today in real life, seek God and His protection so that you gain a deeper connection to Him, which in turn gives you the peace that surpasses understanding while in your situation.

Moreover, the peace that God gives you may not automatically happen when you seek Him. But know that your request did not fall on deaf ears. God notes your request, and He takes you through the process to obtain peace and the answer to your prayers.

There’s so much going on in the world right now that may weigh heavy on your heart. But, the One that created the universe is greater than the happenings of the world, and He wants you to know that He’s protecting you.

We’re on a journey together!

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