When God Is Silent On Your Journey

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Is your journey what you dreamed it would be at this point in your life?

As I answer the question silently and sometimes out loud (especially in my ‘come to Jesus’ moments), my truthful answer is… No.

No, because I didn’t think I would deal with loss, illness, frustration, not having a ‘honeymoon’ period after I said, “I Do”, and depression if I’m honest with myself.

In all of these things, no, I did not see myself here! For me, I present my thankfulness and frustrations to God, and He still loves me the same because a truth outlined in the Bible is that even though there is foolishness (this is what I call it) all around us, God does not leave our sides. And since He does not leave our sides, I’ve learned that it’s with my communication with the Creator that allows me to lean into Him more instead of the journey that may disappoint me.

When you feel down and out

Life can take you there at times. And when life takes you to a dark place of where you become down and out because it’s not the journey you signed up for—one of the healthiest things you can do is not stifle how you feel, but be transparent to the Creator of the universe about the true feelings you have on the inside.

As you begin to talk with God about your deepest feelings, be on the lookout on how God directs you in this juncture of your life. I believe there is no one way that is right when you have your moments with God. All of us have different situations and emotions that we deal with in ‘real-life’, and He wants you to come to Him the way you currently know how to come…

So, if you’re in that space right now, take a minute and be honest with yourself, be honest with God about how you feel (He wants you to come to Him about your true feelings), then allow yourself to receive comfort, peace, and love.

If nothing is changing…

It does not mean that it’s not going to change, it means that on your current journey, God is allowing a different path, which leads you to experience Him more because He is the One that is able to give you the grace and strength to go another day.

With that, know that as God gives you the grace to endure each day, He will also give you the necessary tools to keep going. Whether it’s scripture from the Bible to comfort your soul, a nudge in your conscience for you to reach out to a counselor, or for you to call a friend to vent what’s on your heart—God is in the midst of your journey.

And because He is in the midst, He will comfort you when you need it, guide you if you’re getting off course, and lead you to experience the beauty that is waiting for you along the way.

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