4 Ways to get you through your drought season in life

by | May 17, 2018 | At Home, At Work, In Yourself | 2 comments

Every drought season has the potential to receive rain in due time.

Where you are in your life right now may not be the most exciting, most exhilarating, or most incredible point you could ever imagine you would be in life. You feel the opposite, which feels like a drought. Going deeper, at times you may feel drained, frustrated, annoyed, dissatisfied, confused, lonely, or disappointed. Typically what I just described, often resembles a season where you may view your life as being dry, better known as the ‘drought season.’

If you are currently experiencing these type of emotions during this season of your life, know that you are not alone. A lot of times, it may feel that way because when life is not panning out the way you thought, life inspires you to feel alone. To get past those feelings, begin unraveling what got you to that place. From that action, you will begin the connection to little moments of joy, which is how you receive ‘rain’ in your drought season.

Let’s take a look at some actions you can apply right now to open the door of joy to flood your life.

1. Admit where you are and what you are feeling.

There is so much freedom when you release out of your mouth those emotions that have you feeling down and out, depressed, sad, lonely, and the list keeps growing. Begin to take action today by admitting to yourself what has you in your drought season.

2. Know that your drought season will not always be there.

I don’t know the time of day or hour your season of dryness will come to an end. However, I want to encourage you to keep going in your mind because that is where the adversary is attacking you. The adversary is not after anything tangible, the adversary is after making you feel a lot of unwanted emotions, which dries out your day. But, as you keep going in your mind, you better position yourself to open up showers of joy.

3. Confide in a person you trust.

When you can talk to a person and they not look at you a particular kind of way, or judge your situation, or try to make you fit their agenda, you’re winning, which opens the door for joy, comfort, and peace to flood your life.

4. Begin to let it all out.

When you have gotten to that place where nothing seems to work, or you feel so broken on the inside, I encourage you to let it all out to your Creator. In my life, I’ve cried for hours (no one knew but God), but when I finished crying and letting it all out (held nothing back…), I felt cleansed and loved because I was honest about how I was feeling to the Higher Power that created me. Note: You do this action as many times as you need to feel the comfort in your soul.

During this time in your life you will feel various emotions in your drought season. Take one day at a time or even one moment at a time to get through the days where you feel like it’s never going to end. When you embrace these small steps, you’re being gracious and kind to yourself, which eventually brings the rain.

Know that it’s okay to keep asking for the rain in your life.

Dr. E


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