How To Be At Peace In The Midst Of Chaos

Starting From a Hobby, To Producing Various Types of Handicrafts

Peace is looking for you. Be open to allowing it to flow through you.

As I go through the difficulties that happen in ‘real-life,’ I take some time, quiet myself, and pour out those feelings of uneasiness, turmoil, doubt, fear, or whatever it is I’m feeling that’s causing me to leave my peace in the backseat of my soul.

Life will take you to many places you don’t want to go, and if life has you in that place where you don’t want to be right now, you still have the opportunity to go forth in peace.

You may be struggling with a lot of ‘stuff’ right now that’s connecting to COVID-19, or it’s not connecting to COVID-19. Either way, your peace is missing, and where there is no peace within, you may find it difficult to go about your daily tasks. But, know that God does not want that for you. He wants you to be at peace.

For instance, John 14:7 speaks to the peace God gives to you, which shows that it is His will for you to be at peace in the midst of the chaos all around you.

“How do I do that?” By receiving God’s peace.

“How do I receive God’s peace?” By leaning into His Word, and receiving the peace that comes from you meditating on the word of God and hanging out with Him like He is your best friend!

Where you are right now, know that God wants you to be at peace. And since it’s His will for you to have peace, begin today by taking some time in prayer and allowing God to feed your soul with His peace that no person or thing can give to you.

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