3 Things You Can Do To Stop The Worry Within

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Beautiful people, as such a time as this (COVID-19 in 2020), I’m wondering….Why?

But then, I get a glimpse within where I see how God works it out, but it takes patience, faith, and communing with God daily to see His hand move in a mighty way.

So, if you’re struggling in this season of life (it’s okay because you’re a human being), I want to share what I’m doing right now to keep my spirit intact, my worry underneath my feet, and my belief that God got this too.

3 Things to help you begin your day or to help you unwind

1. Find a time to get quiet (i.e., journal) and meditate on His Word. Meaning, find a scripture that speaks to you and ask God to show you what it means for your life and how to make it applicable to such a time as this. My current go-to is Psalm 91.

2. Talk with Him about what’s worrying you, which means, if you’re worried, afraid, concerned—be 100% because He wants to take those feelings away and replace them with His truth.

3. Get a warm beverage in your favorite mug (my go-to is Bragg Apple Cider vinegar and a freshly squeezed lemon) and enjoy peace within. Meaning-chill out with God. Chill out with your favorite book(s), chill out with your family, chill out with your spouse, chill out with yourself–become intentional about chilling and let God handle what you can’t control.

Begin to apply these three things to your life and take note of how your spirit will begin to get lighter.

Need to listen to a word of encouragement? Be sure to check out my latest podcast episode LN-031 that speaks to holding on to the hand you can’t see!

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