How Hope Can Get You Through The Dark Days

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The year 2020 has been a year of unforeseen circumstances that will leave one feeling a sense of despair, hopelessness, and reluctance to sense a brighter day ahead.

All of the unwanted feelings and the loss of hope you’ve experienced in 2020 are from those situations you wanted to go differently.

Whatever your thing is that the year of 2020 packaged you, leaning on a Being that is greater than the dark days, greater than the situation you want to be changed, and greater than the current pandemic, is how you get through when they say, “the dark days are ahead.”

Let’s be real… as a collective, and as humans living on earth, you want to see change, you want your situation to be different, and you want God to finally come through for you because you’re tired of hoping, believing, and trusting that it’s going to change… Yep, in real life!

And with all of these emotions, God does not fault you.

Moreover, He welcomes your honesty because He does not want you to look to the dark days- He wants you to look to Him.

“So, how do you look to God?”

Looking to God begins with a desire to look to God followed by a mental strength to rely on Someone you physically can’t see.

With the unwanted situations that lurk over you, I’ve found looking to God will not instantly change your situation (although, God has the power to do so) because He’s allowing you to go through a process.

But, He will direct your heart and lead you to peace as He walks with you through the valley.

With that, if you’re in a place and it’s ‘dark’ to you, know that God does not want you in the dark place.

His place of hope and peace…

God’s place of hope and peace is a mental space that will help you look beyond the darkness that’s going on in your life.

The hope and peace He gives will lead you to pass through the storm, so you’re looking to and leaning on Him, not your situation.

So, if you feel like the ‘dark days are ahead,’ the dark days may be ahead…

Still, you can face the reality of a dark day by relying (intentional move) on God as your source of strength, peace, financial provider, support, peace, and peace some more.

In real life, dark days can flip your entire world upside down.


Because of the pain, sadness, disappointments, grief, heartache, loneliness, all the things that come with a world where things are not perfect.

With all of these feelings, the enemy is after your peace of mind, and that thing will go to great lengths to have you partake in his dark world.

But, the love and grace of God do not want you to suffer the enemy’s tactics.

He wants you to give Him your worries and concerns so you can be at peace during the ‘dark days ahead.’

If you’re reading this message, God wants you to know that He is walking and leading you out of the darkness you feel within your soul.

Ask for His help by saying, “Help me, Jesus,” because He’s on-call 24/7.

Seek Him for hope and peace…not the dark days.

With love and bright days ahead,

Dr. E

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