When Your Prayer Goes Unanswered, Here’s What You Can Do

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Prayer is a direct conversation with God, our Creator, even when our prayer is unanswered. As human beings, for some of us, it’s not simple to leave something be and trust God to answer what we prayed about. So, what do you do in the middle of that situation you have lifted up in prayer, and it has been days, weeks, months or even years, and the prayer you prayed has not been answered…yet? In this episode, I’m doing a teaching on three things you can do while you’re in the process of God answering your prayers! If you’re still waiting for God to show you something that informs you to know that He hears your prayer— be sure to check out episode 27!

In this episode, you’ll:

  • Understand why prayer is a cool thing to do even when it seems God is not listening.
  • Know what it means when you hear ‘cry out to God.’
  • Learn the importance of visualizing
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