How Being Intentional Positions You To See Changes In Your Life

Starting From a Hobby, To Producing Various Types of Handicrafts

Each time you look for something, you are intentional about being intentional.

Being intentional about seeing something different in your life is not always an easy feat, but it’s needed to receive the changes you want to see in your life.

The adjustments you want to see in your life will take you ‘looking’ for ways to seek The Creator, so you are not doing ‘it’ in your own strength.

When you don’t rely on your own strength you’re positioning yourself in a way to ‘look’ and rely on God to help you get through those moments in life that have you blindsided, confused, or disappointed. Seeking the Power you cannot see speaks to you be intentional no matter where you find yourself in this season of your life. And that position will unfold the beautiful things God has for you.

On the whole, as you keep on asking God for your situation to change, you’re being intentional. When you seek His guidance you’re being intentional. And when you combine both actions— you’re knocking on the door, which speaks to your way of being persistent in prayer.

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