This post was originally published in April of 2017 and has been updated.

As I ponder where I am at this very moment in life, I’ve had some awesome days, and I’ve had some days where my shoulders felt so heavy with the burdens life brought that I wanted to scream, yell at God, while needing to cry out to the Creator of the universe at the same time. Have you been there?!

With these different emotions, my soul felt heavy, but as I began to unpack these burdens by having my quiet moments with God, me time, and mixed in with a little physical exercise, the heaviness was not as heavy.

Did it all go away at once? No. It was a process, but as I repeated the process, I learned (still learning) how to get away with God so that I can find rest for my soul.

With that, life will happen over and over again with new situations that are a lot, people that are a lot, and circumstances that feel like they will never turn around. And when you feel that way, getting the life inspiration you need can help you through some of your most oppressive times in life.

Some things you can do when life is not going the way you thought:

Be transparent with yourself about how you feel.

Carve out some time with God to share your burden(s) with Him.

Find a scripture in the Bible that speaks to what you’re feeling and meditate on that Word.

Rest by being intentional about resting (i.e., take a nap, take a walk, read, watch your favorite show, etc.).

For me, when I have the weight of the world on my shoulders, I find myself going through the aforementioned list of things to do, and I come out inspired to keep going because I know that the Creator of the universe has not forgotten about me or my situation.

“Make it plain for me–what do I need to do?”

–Face what is causing the heaviness that you feel (i.e. this ______ is causing this undesired feeling in my soul)

–Dismiss the shame you might feel from carrying those weights (i.e. be honest with yourself)

–Celebrate that you no longer have to prove that you’re strong, and then throw off those weights (i.e. I have faced all the pressures that cause me to feel dark and gloomy on the inside…and each day, I will get stronger because I’m not carrying those weights)

As you begin to implement the above strategies for when you feel weighed down by life, you will being to see a difference because you are doing what you can do, and when you do what you can do, God will show up doing the things you cannot do on your own.

Be kind to yourself…

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