When Things Feel Out Of Control—God Has It Under Control

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Have you ever wondered if God has your situation under control?

Well, I want to use this blog post to inspire you and to let you know God has everything under control because He created you, time, the air you breathe, and the daylight and nightfall you experience each day. With all of those things, we as humans are not able to create; God shows us each day how much control He has. And, He also has control over your situation —-if you allow Him to be in control. Huh?

Life Example

I’ve gotten to a place where I know that I know I’m much better off giving it to God for Him to handle rather than me controlling and manipulating my way into making it happen, or managing how I secretly want others to respond the way I want.

You see, when I started “giving it to God,” I released my desire to control the outcome, which allows God to take control and do what I can’t do because I’m not the Creator of the universe.

Giving God free range to control a situation that you want changed immediately demonstrates faith, which is what God wants to see from us when ‘let go, and let God’ (…easier said than done).

Life Advice for You…

If you’re in a place today where you want to control the outcome or you want to make it happen in your time, release the stress by mentally giving it to God.

As you mentally give it to God, you are sending a signal letting Him know you trust His timing, and that He has your best interest on His mind and in His heart.

It may not be easy or convenient for you to drop the situation in His hands to handle, but you will begin to receive a peace that surpasses your understanding because God can handle what you humanly cannot handle.

So, if you find yourself struggling to try to control it to meet your needs, release the struggle over to God so that He can bring beauty out of your battle. Should you find yourself needing help with this process, reach out to me. I can coach you through the process. You don’t have to feel alone – I can help!

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