How To Handle What God Wants In His Timing

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Are you in a place today where you feel God has forgotten your desires? Your desires could be several different things where you’re waiting for God to change ‘it,’ or waiting for Him to bring something into your life that you’ve wanted for quite some time. Wherever you are with your thought process, I want to let you know that God has not forgotten your desires.

My Story…

I remember being in a season of my life where things were chaotic, and the only thing I craved was peace. Now, having peace is not a material thing, but I was in a place where I could care less about material stuff, I desired for my life to be at peace.

After talking to God (a.k.a praying) on numerous occasions, the situation was not changing. However, I noticed peace was at the forefront of my life, and it surpassed all of my understanding because the situation was still there!

From that not so good time in my life, I came to understand how God gives me the desires of my heart, but I had to ‘receive’ the desire in the form of how He was fulfilling the desire.

Did I want the situation to change? Heck yeah.

I remember crying out to God for Him to “change it.” But, looking back, He was more interested in me learning how to rely on him, trust that he had the situation under His control, and growing my faith to where I didn’t focus my attention on what it looked like but learn to keep my eyes on Him during the process.

If you want your desires to happen…

God wants to give you the “desires of your heart.” You may know that famous scripture in the Bible, but do you understand that God gives you those desires after you trust, commit, and rely, on Him (….could be a longgg process).

Your situation may seem like it’s not ever going to change. And if that’s the way you feel, try not to be hard on yourself because you’re a human and not Jesus.

You have feelings, and God understands that. But with those unwanted feelings, God loves you, and He wants you to give him those feelings because it demonstrates how you are intentionally trusting, relying upon, and committing yourself to Him.

As you depend on Him…

He will answer your prayers or begin to transform those desires that seem obsolete to fulfilling you with something greater than what you imagined.

And as you make the decision to commit your situation to Him trusting that He will transform it in His time, God will provide you with the peace that gets you through until the desire shows up in your life. Please grasp, it’s not by chance you landed on this blog post today. It’s these type of reminders that lets you know God has not forgotten about you or your situation.

Hmmm…I sum it all up with, give it to God daily by relying on Him to fulfill your desires in His perfect timing. Reach out to me if you need help remembering this in your everyday life. I can help

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