When Life Challenges You There Is A Chance For Hope

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Life will happen. It happens when you least expect it to happen. It happens when it’s an inconvenience to you; it happens when something else is already happening; it just happens.

The Creator does not give us the specific day, nor the time situations happen. He gives us the opportunity to make the decision to rely on, depend on, and trust that He will carry us through those times of difficulty.


On July 16th, I was home in AL, taking my morning walks in the country that I typically do while I’m at home. But, this walk felt different. “Why did it feel different?” Because I’ve been talking to God and telling my husband how I just want to be able to run…again…Side note: I believe you don’t comprehend the fullness of something until it’s not possible anymore.

There were nights where I would wake up around 3:00 AMish, and see myself running. I would see people running on the side of the highway, and I would say, “Lord, I want to run again…” I had A LOT of these occurrences over the past two years, but I never thought it would happen, not because of my ‘unbelief,’ it was because life was still happening!

As I approached the last lap, I noticed the clouds were getting darker, and I wanted NOT to get soaked from the rainfall while on my walk (praying, “Lord, let me make it back to the house before the rain starts). BUT, The Good Jesus saw something in me that I did not see. He saw an “opportunity” for me to rely upon, trust in, and commit my walk to Him.

Ha! As I was talking to God, He allowed the opposite of my prayers to be answered. It started raining, and it was raining HARD!

It was at that moment, I heard a prompting in my soul that said, “are you going to run, or get even wetter?”

It was that moment; I RAN home! And the moment I ran back up the hill and into the garage, the rain stopped. Huh? Yep, it stopped. It was like God knew what I needed to get my butt into gear and not rely on my strength but on His strength…

I’m writing this blog post on July 17th in AL, and I ran this morning! You may be wondering, “Do I still have physical limitations in my legs? Yes. Is running difficult for me to do? A little difficult. Do I plan to keep running? Yes. Is this an example of what trusting and relying on God looks like? For me, it is.

Where you are right now…

Is an example of how nothing happens by accident. It’s not by accident that you’re reading this blog post today.

It’s not by accident you are where you are in your life.

Everything is decided by chance, which led you to be at this place at the right time.

So, I want to encourage you.

I want you to know that life will keep happening, but beautiful person, God got you. He has you in the cusp of His hands. As you listen within, you will find Him prompting you to do things you think you cannot do.

He may be giving you the desires of your heart that align with His will (i.e., living a healthier life, being married, having children, a job promotion, peace in your life, the answer to what you keep praying about) in your mind— that’s Him signaling that He has you.

Sometimes in life…

The gremlin of the world will send distractions along the way that will prompt you to feel like it’s not going to work out, or you will never get married, or your marriage will not be renewed, or whatever the gremlin sees it can use as a tool to steal your peace of mind.

As the gremlin tries to distract you, God will always provide a way out so that you ignore the distraction and refocus your attention on Him. Because when you focus your attention on Him, the ‘hard rain’ that God allows will reveal to you how much strength, courage, peace, joy, happiness that’s available when you rely on Him and not your own strength.

Stay encouraged my friend and rely on God. He sees EVERYTHING that you’re going through right now, and He will guide you out of the life storm as you depend on Him to do so for you.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. And listen to the promptings within because He is showing you what to do next

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