How Do You Keep Moving When The World Is On Your Shoulders?

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Hello beautiful people,

I know what the weights of life can feel like, so I want to give you some tips for getting the weight off of your shoulders!

4 Things You Could Do Now:

  1. Face it head on.
  2. Take your life one day at a time.
  3. Begin to take off the burdens in your mind by practicing to not be in control.
  4. Make space in your mind to accept that weights are for gaining muscle, not for you to carry 24/7.

For me, when I had the weight of the world on my shoulders, this was a time I didn’t want to pray (and because I’m not perfect, I sometimes experience this when I feel like I’m spinning).

The heaviness in my soul had me in a torn state of mind to the point it altered something (prayer/meditation) that I did not believe would help me again (keeping it all the way real here).

But when I began to pray and meditate again, the weight did not seem as heavy on my shoulders, the burden subsided, and I began not to feel shame, but the acceptance of my truth.


  • Face what is causing the heaviness that you feel (i.e. this ______ is causing this undesired feeling in my soul)
  • Dismiss the shame you might feel from carrying those weights (i.e. be honest with yourself)
  • Celebrate that you no longer have to prove that you’re strong, and then throw off those weights (i.e. I have faced all the pressures that cause me to feel dark and gloomy on the inside…and each day, I will get stronger because I’m not carrying those weights)

P.S. Make a daily decision to keep throwing off the weight.

Loving You Naturally,

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