When God Allows Things To Happen To You…

Starting From a Hobby, To Producing Various Types of Handicrafts

Are you silently walking around wondering why God allowed all of this to happen? That’s a common thought that comes across many minds, so know that you’re not on an island by yourself.

One of my favorite books of the Bible is Job (ha! someone told me that they see me as the modern-day Job because of the stuff I go through). This is my dude. He gets me, and I get him. Job endured so much, yet after he was tested and tried, God restored this man with so much.

Long-suffering is a thing…

If you feel like God is testing you right now by taking things away from you, allowing you to endure some uncomfortable situations, or you feel defeated. God allowed it, and it’s okay to be mad at God for allowing it to happen because you’re a human being, and God knows you have feelings and emotions while here on earth.

As you are enduring these undesirable moments, God has not left your side.

For example, you may feel like He’s not there to comfort you because of what you’re experiencing right now. And your situation may feel like it’s a lot for you to handle and comprehend, which in turn, makes it ‘feel’ like God has left the building…but He is present.

Know— the Good Jesus is making sure your steps are ordered and that you come out of your situation feeling better than you did before you entered what you’re experiencing right now.

“What can you do next?”

I encourage you to keep going to God with how you feel so He can give you peace during your storm, which will cause you to have the endurance you need in the middle of your suffering. If you need help guiding your way through this storm, reach out to me. I can take you by the hand and help reassure you that you can make it through to the other side. We can maneuver this storm together. I can help.

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