What Is The Meaning Of Life And How To Find Yours

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Life. What is it? How do you handle it? What does one do when they feel lost in life? The researcher in me has me wondering about ‘life’ because some moments life will bring you joy, then other moments life will bring you those unwanted emotions you don’t want to embrace.

My definition of life —Life is a set time when God formed you in your mother’s womb for ‘life’ to be experienced by you.

In real life…

It begins with being honest with yourself that you feel lost. For instance, I recall different times in my life where I felt lost because of the difficult situations I experienced. As I began to be honest with myself and not ‘hide’ the unwanted emotions life was throwing my way, I noticed God ordering my steps to ‘find’ life once more. Huh?

You see, there is a reason you’re feeling the way you’re feeling. The feeling of being lost is the Creator’s way of leading you back to the life He desires you to have.

When the burdens become so loud in your soul, to the point, it has you anxious, afraid, nervous, worried, angry, or those emotions that are not of peace, God is waiting for you to reach out to Him.

How do you find life again when you feel lost?

If you’re feeling abandon from your own life, or you feel lost, begin with having a ‘come to Jesus’ meeting with yourself (i.e., being real with Him). Why? Because God is listening. And, He is one that can lift your soul (mind, will, and emotions), heal your broken heart, deposit wisdom when dealing with a discomforting situation, or He will meet you where you need for Him to meet you.

Life will take you to many places. But, you have to identify the situations or individuals that feed your soul or the areas or individuals that leave you feeling lost, confused, or abandoned. Beautiful one, it has taken me many years to understand this principle, but once I realized that God is not the author of confusion, I was able to ‘find’ life through Him.

My friend, your feelings are valid. Allow the Creator of the universe to lead you back to life by sitting with Him and telling Him about your troubles—because He is ready to listen and heal the place(s) of your heart that needs healing.

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