Inspiration When Feeling Defeated

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There have been many times in my life where I felt anxious, afraid, confused, defeated, agitated, and some more emotions that led me to calm my nerves with something extrinsic, such as ice cream!

With all of these unwanted emotions, the one thing they had it common was that they were a distraction that was allowed on my life path. I don’t believe things happen by chance. I believe there is a reason for everything we go through (the beautiful moments and the worst moments)…

The longer I sat in defeat; I knew I didn’t want these emotions to linger. I began to ‘dig deep’ and feel those emotions as uncomfortable as it could be, which allowed me to start the process of recovering from the source of the unwanted feelings.

If you’re in an undesirable place and feeling defeated

Don’t be ashamed of your place.

Don’t sweep your undesirable emotions underneath the rug.

Don’t judge yourself for being there.

Why can’t you do these things? Because it’s part of your life journey.

What you’re going through right now is not by chance. It’s moments in time that are part of your life journey. I know it’s not the most convenient or comfortable thing, but it’s connecting to your life journey for the reason that you may know later down the road, or you may not know.

Know you’re not alone in what you’re feeling (or thinking). Those thoughts are real, but I find each day when I take a few minutes to connect with my inner self, I’m able to meet up with God, which gives me the grace I need to keep going.

So, if you’re in that headspace today where you feel defeated in life, take time to connect inwardly. When you make that connection, you’re allowing your soul to to meet God in His secret place, which will give you inner peace if you let it.

Remember, if you need someone to help you get to where you are able to give yourself to God, I am here. I have learned over the years how to “Let Go and Let God” as they say, and I will share my wisdom. Reach out to me, and let me help you. We can do it – together.

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