Pausing Helps: Three Ways That Will Help You To Keep Going In 2018

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When you take a ‘pause moment’ your spirit has an opportunity to give you the strength you need in the midst of you having the urge to lose hope.


For the latter part of 2017, I began to pause. Each time I paused, a new perspective was waiting for me. The new way of thinking wasn’t easy for me to digest, but it was the stepping stone for me to anticipate a new beginning.

New beginning? The new beginning did not happen by accident; it happened because I got intentional with ‘calculated’ pause moments in my life. From those calculated moments, I perceived what my soul was directing me to do.

Each time I took a pause break (mental break), I saw the blessings around me. Not necessary tangible blessings, but the blessing that I could still see, talk, write, love, breathe and feel the wind on my face.


If you’re in a space at the beginning of 2018 where you’re carrying things from 2017, pause for a moment so that you can recover your energy, peace, and joy.

It may not be convenient for you to pause. Because you have to take care of children, take care of your household, work at a job, take care of a loved one, you have to exercise, you have to figure out how you’re going to be in a relationship in 2018, and the LIST keeps going. However, in all of those things — Pause.

In short, only you know what you can handle and what your breaking point is. This blog post is here to encourage you at the beginning of the year to take moments to get the freshness your mind and body needs.


  1. Excuse yourself from others for 10 minutes— longer if you can.
  2. Give yourself 20 minutes to not talk but to listen to the depths of your soul.
  3. Go for a ride in your car or take a walk to get out of the environment where life is pulling you.
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