How to get power in your life from a pause moment

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Inspirational quote: You will find the power you need when you pause.

The story

There have been several times in my life where I felt confused, drained, unmotivated, lost, unexcited, and broken, but when I paused for a moment, the strength I wanted in my life appeared because I chose to pause (hesitated), which gave me power. 

When I paused, I no longer had to find the strength to figure it out because I released the control to The Creator.

Believe it or not, the paused moment from overthinking things allowed me to discover my sweet spots in life, which connected me to my purpose.

Your pause moment is for you because it gives you power.

Each time you take a timeout, you are allowing your soul to get the refreshing it needs to continue your life journey with gratitude.

The timeout is not to get you behind on your daily tasks; it’s to propel you forward.

Whether you are a wife, mother, caretaker, business owner, daughter, teacher, lawyer, doctor, spiritual leader, counselor, and the list can continue — you need a pause moment to gain your strength.

I encourage you to pause so that you can receive the strength you need to move forward efficiently while also gaining the momentum needed for life.

4 things you can do to take your pause moment that is free of charge!

1. Meditate for 10 minutes (I’ve been doing this each morning, and it starts my day off with strength)

2. Remove yourself from others so that you can think.

3. Close your eyes for at least 30 seconds (ha! I do this at work ALL the time)

4. Stretch your body out in the most peaceful place in your home.

Let’s start a discussion! What do you do when you need a timeout?

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