How To Keep Going In Life By Tweaking Your Mindset

When what you desire does not show itself — keep going.   Need some inspiration on the go, or don’t feel like reading? Listen to the podcast where I encourage you to keep going!  I’VE BEEN THERE On January 8th, I decided I need to get A LOT of this excess weight off! So, I […]

Feeling Like You Made A Mistake In Life? It May Not Be.

When you feel like it was a mistake, that feeling is costing you something. As I scrolled through my Instagram feed,  I was reminded of a post on my feed entitled ” Are you done?” Fast forward six months, I see how after being done with something could have you feeling like it was a mistake. I […]

Atmosphere: You Choose How To React Or Respond To The Situation

DON’T FEEL LIKE READING TODAY? LISTEN INSTEAD!     SETTING THE ATMOSPHERE   When you set the atmosphere by the actions you bring to an environment, you are defining the tone for that situation.   Life will have you reacting in a variety of ways when faced with situations that don’t align with how you […]

Pausing Helps: Three Ways That Will Help You To Keep Going In 2018

When you take a ‘pause moment’ your spirit has an opportunity to give you the strength you need in the midst of you having the urge to lose hope. MY PAUSE MOMENT BRINGS LIFE. For the latter part of 2017, I began to pause. Each time I paused, a new perspective was waiting for me. The new […]

How To Get Through The Year Of 2018 With Love And Hope

A year of love and hope, in my opinion, will help you sustain life in 2018. Whether you’re full of joy or you feel like you’re in over your head, acknowledging that you can access love and hope will help you have a different mindset when you need it the most. Don’t feel like reading […]