How To Get Through The Year Of 2018 With Love And Hope

Starting From a Hobby, To Producing Various Types of Handicrafts

A year of love and hope, in my opinion, will help you sustain life in 2018. Whether you’re full of joy or you feel like you’re in over your head, acknowledging that you can access love and hope will help you have a different mindset when you need it the most.

Don’t feel like reading the blog? Listen to the gist of the message!

LOVE IN 2018
The word love is an action, so how you demonstrate love in 2018 will set the path for how you respond to the day-to-day occurrences you will experience this year. Each event will be different because as each day passes, whether you can see it or not, you are growing.

For example, I have found that God works efficiently behind the scenes. His working behind the scenes is not always comfortable because the life lessons God wants us to grab hold of often comes in an ‘inconvenient’ season in your life. I say inconvenient because anytime one endures something, it’s never convenient due to the unwanted feelings and experiences that come from that season in your life.

However, Love (God) is not going to leave you even though it looks and feels like it.

HOPE IN 2018
Hope is an act of faith. The more you keep ‘hoping,’ the more you get closer to the manifestation.

I don’t know what you are hoping for, but I want to encourage you to keep on dreaming and praying (wheww…. I know it’s not always easy to do).

It’s this type of hope that will give you the ability to have an attitude of, ” I don’t know when it will happen, but I’m going to keep hoping it will happen one day.”

Looking back at 2017, I have hoped for a lot of things to manifest in my life. About 50% of the things I have prayed and hoped for did NOT show its face.

To the contrary, the other 50% did show its face, and that percentage has helped me to continue hoping in 2018. I wholeheartedly believe it was because I mustered up the mindset to merge hope and love throughout 2017.

Given these points, I want to leave you with:

Take care of you because when you are at your healthiest in mind, body, and spirit—you will react and respond differently.
Start with affirmations to get your day started so that you have set your mindset for the day.
Talk to God daily and let him know how you ‘truly’ feel (this is not easy when you’re mad at Him — but it’s healing)
Take action steps that are in your control.
Breathe. Then repeat each day.

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