How To Shake Things Up A Little In Life

THE STORY FROM TWO WEEKS AGO… So, as we are sitting together in our faculty meeting, the ‘morale builder’ for this meeting was to choose the word (s) that best describes our role on the team. Some of the choices were: communicator, manager, timekeeper, and ‘shake things up a little.‘ It was agreed by my […]

Struggling Internally: Accept The Grace

THE CURRENT EXAMPLE I had this article all ready to go, but I made the mistake of copying other information over what I typed for this blog. This snafu caused me to become frustrated, annoyed, and somewhat irritated, which caused me to be hard on myself for making the ‘mistake.’ But, as I paused and […]

Encouragement: When You Want To Give Up

I’VE BEEN THERE TOO. This past weekend, we had friends over to watch the Bama football game. One of the friends we had over has known me since college, so she has seen my ups and my downs! At one point during the evening, I recall her looking at me saying, “Eb, you look like […]

Approval: Did You Have To Prove It Again?

MY EXPERIENCE I remember different moments of my life where I ‘had’ to prove myself to be accepted by folk. And for the record— this was tiring! As I began to understand the importance of proving me to myself first— I also realized the energy I was putting forth wasn’t about me proving it to […]