Struggling Internally: Accept The Grace

Starting From a Hobby, To Producing Various Types of Handicrafts

I had this article all ready to go, but I made the mistake of copying other information over what I typed for this blog.

This snafu caused me to become frustrated, annoyed, and somewhat irritated, which caused me to be hard on myself for making the ‘mistake.’

But, as I paused and got myself together, I realized I needed to accept grace because I’m not perfect…

You might be facing a situation right now where it feels like it’s your fault.

You feel like if you would have loved more, looked differently, exercised more, had more money, had the right opportunity, and the list keeps going, — it would have gone as you planned in your head.

I’ve found that it’s not about the plan in your head, it’s about meeting yourself where you are, which is a form of accepting grace by being kind to yourself.

Each day you are kind to yourself, you allow grace to flow within, therefore, permitting you to be imperfect.

A lot of times, as humans, we see the perfection in others, but we forget to look at the beautiful qualities we have in ourselves.

For example, the missed opportunity, the bad breakup, the loneliness from not being in a relationship, wanting a life that others have, and the list can keep going… will have you spinning internally.

However, when you see the qualities, you have to offer, you are setting yourself up to receive grace.

Seeing your qualities becomes an opportunity for you to accept the grace that is freely given to you in this season of your life so that you receive the goodness that’s headed your way — eventually.

I encourage you today to be kind to ‘you.’

Know that you have not missed your opportunity to have the desires of your heart fulfilled.

In fact, those desires are coming right on time because you are better prepared to handle the requirements needed for what you desired.

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