How To Shake Things Up A Little In Life

Starting From a Hobby, To Producing Various Types of Handicrafts

So, as we are sitting together in our faculty meeting, the ‘morale builder’ for this meeting was to choose the word (s) that best describes our role on the team.

Some of the choices were: communicator, manager, timekeeper, and ‘shake things up a little.‘ It was agreed by my team, that I ‘fit; the manager role… However, it was something about shake things up a little that kept ringing in my ear.

Once my analytic thinking showed its face, I realized how shaking things up a little can be seen as a scary role to play when you are in the process of making ‘changes’ in life.

As I pondered a little more on the action of shaking things up, I knew it was time for me to take action.

The reason I have not ‘yet’ — because of the fear to get out of my comfort zone!

Imagine, you are shaking your favorite beverage up in a shaker. To taste all of the ingredients you poured into the shaker bottle, you have to shake it up a little. Otherwise, the flavors will settle to the bottom of the bottle.

Just like in life, you have to shake things up a little so that you do not become settled in your job, in your marriage, in your relationship, in your finances, in your health, in your business, or in yourself.

Each area of your life is an opportunity to shake it up a little so that you taste and see the goodness that comes from not settling for where you are, but shaking it up so that you are living life to your fullest potential.

Let today be the day that you do something out of the ordinary so that you confuse fear and doubt. When you confuse fear or uncertainty, you are not giving ‘them’ the power to hold you hostage.

I get it —it’s not simple to do something out of the ordinary. But you (we) have to start somewhere.

You putting yourself out there to apply for a job where you don’t have all of the credentials required.
Taking time out to relax for a full day.
Deciding to apologize first.
Doing one thing that you’ve always wanted to do.
Deciding not to give up on wanting to be in a relationship.
Seeing a counselor for the deep-rooted issues that keep coming up in your life.
No matter your somewhere — fear and doubt lose its power when you begin to start where you are.

Likewise, when fear and doubt take a backseat in your mind, your momentum becomes heightened. From that high energy, you begin to find the courage to shake things up a little.

All in all, let’s do something this week to shake things up a little.

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