When A Storm Doesn’t Look Like It’s Passing

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Duration | noun 

the time during which something exists or lasts

Have you ever wished something different was happening in your life, to your life, or just wished something else was going on?

Well, when I honed in on the word duration while being in the midst of the downpour of rain from Hurricane Irma, it made me think about the word duration, and how I handle the storms of my life. And oh, in real life, I don’t like to be confronted with a storm.


You will not be absent from the storm because that is part of walking out this thing called ‘life.’

But, you will have moments when the duration of the storm might last a day, it might last several months, or the storm might come so suddenly that you didn’t realize you were out of the storm- let alone even know that you faced one.


Whatever your storm is-whether it be tiredness, loneliness, relationship woes, grief, sadness, depression, money issues, illness, and the list can keep growing, get in survival mode by not denying the storm is upon you, but by acknowledging what you have to do to go through the storm. And, saying to yourself (literally), ” this too shall pass.”

I wish I could tell you a particular time frame of how long this process takes, but I can’t do that. However, I will inform you that your storm will eventually ease up if you do not give up.

Remember: The storm is coming after your mind, not what you can see or physically touch. In real life, it’s not easy to release the worry, doubt, and confusion when everything is spinning out of control. But, I’m learning, the more I meditate on a message from God that speaks to my situation, the more peace I begin to absorb.


P.S. If you or your family are in the path of a hurricane, I pray that the storm is over soon and that safety and peace flood you.

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