What Do You Mean By Love Naturally?

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Love naturally (LN) is that type of phrase that has one pondering, and asking themselves, ‘Hmmm, how do I love naturally?’ 🙂

Often times as humans, when we think about love, we reflect on how we respond in relationships. But with LN, it’s the overall culmination of how we react and respond to love when life happens.

So for me to elaborate more on what LN means and its connection to life, I have broken down essential ingredients that make up what this phrase signifies:


Main Ingredients:

  1. A daily decision to love yourself.
  2. An intentional decision to love someone else in spite of their hang-ups.
  3. The way that you respond to yourself when you feel insignificant.
  4. The way you respond to others in the midst of a disagreement.
  5. The way you choose to be imperfect (there is freedom in imperfection).
  6. The way you live life in the present moment (I wear my favorite ring to remind me to be present).
  7. The way you respond to others at your place of employment (not always easy because you’re around so many personalities that want to be seen)
  8. The way you say ‘I love you’ with actions after you and your significant other have argued.
  9. The way you accept someone for where they are and who they are (a decision to not act like you are God over their lives).
  10. The way to release control in spite of you wanting to change the situation to meet your needs (note: remember…the situation will eventually change)


Loving You Naturally,

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