The Story Of Love Naturally

Starting From a Hobby, To Producing Various Types of Handicrafts


I planted a seed…but I didn’t know the ‘type’ of seed I was planting…The words love naturally were part of my closing signature when I blogged from 2010-2012. Although, I never imagined how the words “Loving Naturally or Loving You Naturally” would come full circle in my life and my brother’s life.

When I lost my brother in 2013 to a motorcycle accident…the words came even more alive and real, which evolved into a brand that once started as a note of love to the world (this is where the Signature tee comes from).

Before Elton passed, we discussed the revisions that were made for the men’s LN tee, and confirmed that we were on the same page.

As I often think back to our moment, I find myself feeling many emotions because it’s like, you discuss the brand one week, and a couple of weeks later, you get a phone called that he passes from an accident.


My brother lived his life in a way that was unapologetic for who he was.

He helped others to see the grace that is given when you love people for who they are, and not judge them for their choices, hang-ups, shortcomings, different personalities, etc., but to be there for them in this journey called life.

As I listened to how individuals spoke of my brother, defined for me the essence of what Love Naturally (LN) is–which is love.


The LN message serves as a purposeful reminder of the love we carry with us every day so that we can spread and give love to ourselves and others–naturally.

Loving You Naturally,

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