Inhale Today What You Believe That Will Change

Starting From a Hobby, To Producing Various Types of Handicrafts

When you inhale belief each day, you put your mind in a position to believe–even when it doesn’t look like it will ever change.


I recall a particular situation where I had to connect with a person… day in…day out. This young lady was under my skin, and everyone else’s too.

Now keep in mind, this was before The Story of Love Naturally was even thought of, so I did not understand how to ‘love folk’ naturally.

The individual was a thorn in my side, but even though she was a thorn, I taught myself how to inhale belief and exhale doubt.

In addition to the self-lesson, do you know how many times I had to inhale belief and exhale doubt to see the changes in my life happen physically?

…I stopped counting because it got to a point whenever I took a breath, I was talking to myself inwardly about how it is going to change.


You begin to talk to yourself throughout the day because when you talk to yourself, that’s a form of encouraging yourself.

And, when you encourage yourself, you are setting yourself up to see the manifestation of what you believe will change in your life, which has the ability to bring peace.

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When your heart is not at peace, a lot of times, it’s the doubt that it will change that is causing your heart to not be at peace.

Meaning, it’s that situation you want to be changed that is causing the doubt, which is causing the worry, which in turn has you ‘feeling a certain kind of way.’

I wish I can tell you that your situation will change as soon as you start inhaling belief, but I’m not going to do that.

“Okay, where do I start?”

-Define the belief (what you believe no one else might not and that is okay because it is your belief).

-Begin to talk to yourself about the belief (this is where you encourage yourself on those days where it looks impossible).

-Take it one day at a time (to see change is a process, but remember you are learning along the way).

Quick answer: When you start inhaling belief, by meditating on the outcome, you will be moved inwardly toward what you are believing

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