How Do I Go In The Direction Of My Dream?

Starting From a Hobby, To Producing Various Types of Handicrafts

So, you have this dream, this idea, this purpose that you know you want to dive more into, but it’s like there’s a hold on you that keeps you from getting to the next level. Can you feel me? If you can’t, that’s okay too because you’re in the season of living life and living it on purpose!

One of my passions in life is to encourage others and see them prosper. I will be honest with you…I find joy in encouraging others, but when it comes to me, well…yeah, I’m still learning the art of keeping myself encouraged when things don’t look pretty.


Your dream may be to start a business, do something that you’ve never done before (like ride across country with your hair down), love in a way that you’ve never loved before, write a book, get married, re-marry, begin a new relationship, see a family member get healed, and the list goes on. Whatever it is…hold on to the dream that keeps resurfacing to the forefront of your mind!


Okay, okay…here we go with this purpose stuff. Yep, the wiser I get, the more I understand the power behind doing your purpose intentionally. I don’t know who is reading the musings from my heart right now, but, if you find yourself stuck, that’s not the ultimate plan for your life. How do I know that? Because being stuck is not living.

What can being stuck look like? When I feel stuck, everything around me seems like a blur. I feel overwhelmed, confused, out of sorts, tired, and sometimes frustrated. With all of these feelings – because I’m human too – I know there has to be something greater than the feeling of not purposing ahead.

“In context.” Have you heard that expression before? Well, in my readings, the Good Jesus (aka God) called us to live a life and live it more abundantly. Those feelings that can seem so unbearable at times are that crazy gremlin trying to distract us from living with purpose and on purpose. Anything less than that does not fulfill the purpose in our lives.


Yeah, I’ve been there. This past April and May, I felt stuck! I knew what I was purposed to do, but I couldn’t leave what was comfortable. Then I realized and asked myself, what if I began to move more into my purpose (helping others)? So, I did…and I got asked to speak. When I spoke, I got various inquiries for other speaking engagements, which aligns with my purpose. But if you notice, I had to put action behind me moving!

With all of this, the funny thing is…I also began to write more (you know I was on a hiatus for awhile), and that writing began to show me what I was to do next!


You begin to move toward that dream, that nudge in your soul that no one knows, that “I wish I could do that…” or “What if I did that…” that sits in your mind day after day.

You might ask:

What if I don’t have the money to do it?

What if it’s really not what I’m supposed to be doing?

What if it doesn’t work?

My answer: do it anyway.

When you do it anyway, you are heading toward something you don’t know the end result to, which speaks to the faith you have that it will work out the way that it’s destined to.

Is this easy? Nope.

Can you do it? Yep.

From experience, my stuff didn’t work out the way I thought it would. I embraced my days of not feeling it (this happens in real life). But, when I was honest with what I felt, the strength from God gave me the ability to get back on my route toward my dream.

There’s freedom in being honest about your situation!


Check this out: I have always wanted to open a brick and mortar boutique! Oh my goodness…if you only knew my passion behind wanting to open my own storefront.

Well, that hasn’t worked – yet! So, I began to sell online. And that’s working.

Fast forward one inch: God (you may say Universe) sent me an individual that wanted to carry the Love Naturally brand in her store called Artisan’s Heart. The amazing thing is that people are connecting with the brand and spreading love because I got my focus off of what “I” wanted to do and put the focus on what I’m purposed to do!

It took me several months to embrace the fact that every product you see in my online store is a byproduct of what I’m to do in this season of my life (write, teach, and speak)!

When I have these moments with God where I want to do something different, I find myself saying, “Danggg, for real God, is this what I gotta do??? Are you serious?” …but I’m doing it though!

I gave you this example to show you that life happens. When life happens, we have to define ways to tap into our dreams that are in alignment with our purpose.

It may not be comfortable or easy for you to get out of being comfortable, but it’s worth the joy, peace, and natural high you have in life every time you are living your dream!


1. Define what keeps coming to your mind
Write this down on paper.

2. Look more into it
Find out information that connects with the dream you keep seeing in your mind.

3. Take one step
Do something today that moves you in that direction.

4. Be a life long learner
Learn the information you looked up so that you know how to handle the dream when it happens.

5. Don’t over complicate the process
Keep your definition in front of you, keep moving toward that dream, keep learning.


You have purpose in your life because you’re still here.


P.S. Do something amazing for yourself today and give someone a hug…they might need it!


Loving You Naturally,

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