Feeling Tired: How To Fight The Giant You Cannot See

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Have you ever wanted to dismiss the heavy sensation you feel in your soul from time to time?

It is this feeling of heaviness that makes one think they are fighting a giant all by themselves. It is also this feeling one might have in their mind that prevents them from feeling they cannot make it another day.

While all of these moods are valid feelings, all of these outlooks are ‘designed’ to throw you off course so that you can give up in life.

My life right now is so different from where I thought ‘it’ would be. Life…not only has thrown me a curve ball from a physical standpoint… but it has thrown me one from an emotional perspective as well.

I keep fighting in my mind–even when it’s not pretty (ha! a fetal position in my bed with tears and all). I have had many moments where I have cried out to God and to my husband because I did not understand “how the heck” life was treating me a particular kind of way!

But, what I have found in the midst of those tears, was that I stood up mentally (make the decision each day to win by keep going).

As a result, by me standing up mentally, the giant (i.e., distraction, enemy, gremlin) had a no choice to silence the tactics of defeat, doubt, and worry.

Tidbits you can try:

Be real about what you feel
Take a moment (i.e., stretch out in your comfortable place and feel every emotion that is heavy in your soul).
Ask for help (i.e., ask God to help you– He’s not coming out of the sky to help you, you will have to listen within to know how he is leading you to a place of hope).
Take deep breaths in so that you are aware of what your soul is saying.
Let those deep breaths out so that you are releasing the toxins of all those things that you are worried about in your heart.
Encourage yourself by saying a mantra out loud (i.e., All is well).
The tidbits of love above have taken me through some dark patches in life, which has given me the strength to defeat the giants in my mind.

Remember, the giants of the mind do not stay away because they are trying to defeat you–Be prepared each day to rise in your mind by giving yourself grace and permission to cry out to the Creator.

P.S. I don’t know who this is for…but the relationship that you are worried about or want to be in… is not there for you to give up on the desire, it is there to prune you even more so that you can be the light they need on their toughest of days.

P.P.S …keep fighting.

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