Feeling Alive When Life Keeps Happening To You Is Possible

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Feeling alive on the inside is a beautiful experience to have when life is happening all around you. On April 1st, the celebration of Easter spoke to the hearts of many people. The fact that God rose from a place of deadness speaks to the beauty that Jesus Christ is still alive. And because Jesus is still alive, the problems that we face in our lives is an opportunity for the ‘Good Jesus’ to raise us up from those issues, concerns, disappointments, setbacks, and heartaches so that we can continue to live on the ‘inside.’


Feeling alive on the inside can be somewhat challenging when you feel that you are in a dry place in your life. If you are in a place where you are asking,”God why have you left me alone,” then you are in a position for God to show himself in an extraordinary way because you have called on the One that saves you and that will lift you up, which makes you feel alive.

Being lifted up by God is not something that happens in the natural, it is something that happens within. For example, if you are in a dark place in your mind and heart, when God lifts you up, you will begin to not feel so ‘lifeless’ in your soul because of the impression He is making on your heart.

I have found that impressions of peace, joy, happiness, excitement, don’t come all at once, they come little by little. By the impressions coming little by little, the transformation that’s happening within runs deep, which gives you an opportunity to practice trusting God ‘in the process.’

Trusting God in the process of an imperfect situation is not the most easiest thing to do because it takes an intentional mindset to keep going in spite of how it currently looks.

You can achieve the intentional mindset by communicating with God on your awesome days and the days where you feel like you don’t want to say another word to Him because of where you are in your life. No matter how you feel, God’s door is open; you have to be willing to knock on the door so that He can open it.

Although you keep asking and nothing is happening, it does not mean that your request is not being heard. It means that there is an unknown reason why the answer has not come your way. If that is the case, I encourage you (as I encourage myself) to not let go of the desire because it is a reason why what you keep hoping for is a constant reminder in your heart.


Even though sometimes one may feel God is not alive especially in the midst of life happening, I want to let you know that He is aware of everything that is happening in your life—even at this very moment.

Taking a daily mental note that God is mindful of what is happening in your life, demonstrates your trust that He is working behind the scenes, which will eventually give you peace moments in the midst of life happening.


  1. Ask God to help you
  2. Have an informal conversation with God
  3. Discover one scripture that speaks to you
  4. Post that scripture where you can see it daily

Demonstrating these four actions in your life when you feel those ‘unwanted’ emotions will help minimize those undesirable emotions so that you begin to be at peace and feel alive again.

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