Existential Crisis: How To Overcome

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In this lifetime, we are not omitted from a crisis of some sort happening. Whether it’s financial, spiritual, emotional, relational—a crisis of some sort will find its way to you. The priceless question you may ponder in your head from time to time, is, “how do I overcome something that feels like it’s too much to endure?”

If you’ve pondered this question, or something similar, you are not alone. At times, the voices in your head will lead you down a path that persuades you to believe that it will not get better. You may even have a strong sense that you will continue to be in the same situation 52 weeks from now. Either way, the voice of defeat will try its hardest to affect your soul (mind, will, and emotions) while you face your crisis.

If you’re in a crisis moment…

I believe one of the most effective things you can do in those moments, is give up trying to ‘control’ something you have no control over ( not easy to do, but it’s doable).

As an individual, God gave you free will. However, the free will that He gives you has the potential to be a blessing, or it could leave you in a place where you are asking God to get you out of the situation.

If you find yourself in an existential crisis today with questions such as: what is my purpose in life, how do I get over such loss, how do I handle being lonely, or will I ever get married, or whatever your crisis is, Jesus is there with His arms open ready to comfort you.

“How do I overcome the crisis?”

I want to tell you that it will not be a path full of daisies. The majority of the time, overcoming the crisis is a process. A process that will bring life lessons, a process that prompts you to surrender the crisis to God, and a process that God uses to fill you with more patience, strength, love, and joy.

All processes look different because He knows just what you need to get you to the other side of your situation. So, as you go through these moments with God, that is how you overcome the crisis you are experiencing.

Encouragement for you

You will get to the other side of your crisis because God is on your team, and He is ready to fight the things you have no control over.

When He fights for you, draw close to Him by thanking Him, talking to Him about your pain points, and ‘intentionally believing’ that you will overcome it. And, as you do these things, God’s comfort for you will override the discomfort

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