Comprehending God’s Timing Leads To Frustration

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Comprehending God’s timing is not possible because the Creator does not think the way we do, but as you wait, it can become the safest place to arrive at on time.

Have you ever wanted something to happen on your timetable? I know I have. It’s not convenient to keep wanting something to occur when you want it to, especially when it seems like it’s never going to happen because, at the end of every day, we do not control God’s timing.

The article I wrote over a month ago talked about being at peace with God’s timing, and I’m discussing it again because if you can relate, a little encouragement to let you know that you’re not alone in the ‘waiting game’ will help minimize the frustration of waiting.


On a personal note, I’m ‘waiting’ for God to heal my body. Ohhh my goodness I am waiting! But, I find myself walking out the scripture that speaks to a ‘peace that passes’ all understanding. Although my soul is not at peace 24/7 (being real), I’m heading in the right direction of being at peace while I wait.

Wherever you are in life, or whatever you want God to do, the less you try to ‘figure it out,’ the more peace your soul will find.


Don’t complicate God’s timing by highlighting what has not happened in your life, but highlighting what is currently working right now in your life. As you get in a ‘habit’ of doing this shift in your mind, you will begin to experience little increments of peace that surpasses all understanding.

Does it happen overnight? It could. I wholeheartedly believe the shift in mindset is part of the process that God is taking you through. During the process, you will be prepared, ready, and available for the doors to open wide so you can handle the blessing God wants you to have.

As you go through this season of your life, whether it’s getting married, experiencing fulfillment in your current relationship, relocating to a new place, a change in your situation, feeling better about life —you have the opportunity to be at peace during your process.

Connect with the peace that is waiting for you by telling God how you feel so that you release the burden off of you because it is not your burden to carry wherever you go.

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