Change Is A Process: Don’t Give Up While It’s Happening

Has it changed for you yet? Last week I released episode 24 of the Lessons In Loving Naturally podcast entitled When is it going to change. In this podcast, I discussed what change looks like, and what we have to do to see the change happen in our lives. Change is not always the most comfortable thing we connect to, but […]

When You Want The Change To Happen For Your Good

When it comes to an undesirable situation or season in your life, what happens when you keep praying to God for ‘it’ to change, but the situation does not change? I’ve learned that change does not happen by accident. It happens when an intentional effort is put forth one moment at a time. Wherever you […]

Really? What Is The Purpose Of All Of This, Lord?

PURPOSE IN LIFE IS OFTEN REVEALED IN THOSE UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS WHEN IT LOOKS LIKE LIFE IS NOT GETTING ANY BETTER. Now, let’s go back to the title of the blog post. Really? What is the purpose of all of this, Lord? The question you may ask yourself often, or a question similar to the title above, is […]

Existential Crisis: How To Overcome

In this lifetime, we are not omitted from a crisis of some sort happening. Whether it’s financial, spiritual, emotional, relational—a crisis of some sort will find its way to you. The priceless question you may ponder in your head from time to time, is, “how do I overcome something that feels like it’s too much […]

The No You Hear In Life Is An Ultimate Yes

Have you ever felt rejected after you worked diligently and you didn’t get what you desired, the relationship didn’t pan out, you didn’t get the position you applied for, or what you keep praying for seems like it has taken an incredibly long time for it to reach you? If so, I’m learning that the no […]