Discover How To Be At Peace With God’s Timing In Your Life

TIME MAY BE UNCOMFORTABLE RIGHT NOW, BUT WITH THAT UNCOMFORTABLENESS— GOD IS PREPARING YOU INWARDLY TO RECEIVE WHAT YOU WILL SEE WITH YOUR EYES. When it doesn’t feel like you are moving in the direction you want to go; time has a part to play in that feeling. As human beings, we are okay with […]

The Courage To Keep Going As Life Keeps Happening

COURAGE IS AVAILABLE IN THE MIDST OF LIFE HAPPENING. THE GOAL IS TO TAP INTO THAT COURAGE BY NOT RELYING ON YOUR OWN STRENGTH.   If you have experienced victory in your life—–courage was involved. When you saw the manifestation of a situation turn in your favor—- courage was giving you strength to endure. Being in a place where you […]

Feeling Alive When Life Keeps Happening To You Is Possible

Feeling alive on the inside is a beautiful experience to have when life is happening all around you. On April 1st, the celebration of Easter spoke to the hearts of many people. The fact that God rose from a place of deadness speaks to the beauty that Jesus Christ is still alive. And because Jesus is still alive, […]