Don’t Give Up In The Midst Of Being Determined In Life

THE DETERMINATION YOU HAVE IS THE ROOT OF SEEING THE SITUATION CHANGE. LISTEN ON THE GO! BEING DETERMINED Every time you are determined, you are one step closer to the vision that keeps circling in your head. The most challenging part of being determined is having the mindset to start. However, as you make one step toward the vision, desire, […]

Moving Forward In The Midst Of Life Continuing To Happen

The desired part of your journey looks far away, but the current destination is where all of the change happens. BE ENCOURAGED. Life will throw you for several loops at one time. Each loop you have to go through will sometimes have you on top of the world. At other times, the loop you have […]

Feeling Out Of Love? Intentionally Demonstrating Love Will Help The Situation

THE LOVE YOU INTENTIONALLY CREATE WHEN IT’S DIFFICULT WILL SOFTEN THE SITUATION. I get it! Sometimes, you may not want to read the post. Listen while you’re on the go! Since February is the “love” month, I decided to talk about the different aspects of love because, in my opinion, it’s a real action that […]

How To Begin The Process Of Overcoming An Imperfect Situation

Be human on your journey because you were not created to carry around perfection. For this article, I decided to share a love note that I wrote back in 2011… It’s amazing when you find things that meet you where you are in that season of your life. From day-to-day, you never know what lies […]