Feeling out of love? Intentionally demonstrating love will help the situation

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The love you intentionally create when it’s difficult will soften the situation.

I get it! Sometimes, you may not want to read the post. Listen while you’re on the go!

Since February is the “love” month, I decided to talk about the different aspects of love because, in my opinion, it’s a real action that changes the trajectory of one’s path, but one has to be willing to learn along the way.

Some love lessons I’ve learned over the past 11 years:

1) Love is brave.
2) The demonstration of love has to be intentional.
3) Your heart has to be ready to endure the ebbs and flows that human love gives.
4) When love knocks on your door, you have to be prepared to open it.

To sum up the above lessons— Love is messy.

You’re probably thinking something along the lines of, “Huh?” “What does she mean?!” “Why would she say that?!” or “I get you!”

Think about it: For you to be where you are at this very moment in life, you more than likely experienced hurt, pain, disappointment, rejection, betrayal, and the list can keep going.

However, because you made it to the other side of all of those things, there was a Love (God’s love) that gave you the strength to endure. Even when it felt you could not go another day, or get over the heartbreak and disappointment, or get over the divorce, or explore the emotions of being single yet another year, you are still moving forward.

With all of these elements, one could say that the action of love is messy because you have not followed a perfect path.

The path of love

If you are in a place of being lonely, have gone through a divorce, desiring to be in a relationship, you and your husband can’t seem to get on the same page, or heck, you just not feeling this love thing right now—then you are in a position to receive love.

From my experience with love, it does NOT look the same for everyone, but as humans, sometimes we might want our path to look like someone else’s because of what we see on the outside.

Your path is not to make you lonely another day or to disappoint you yet another day; your path is put here to get you in route to your next stop.

Where you are during this “love month” is not where you will be for the rest of your life. I can’t give you a specific date, but I can tell you because each day changes, something in the atmosphere that you cannot see is aligning things up for you (Ugh! I know you are not trying to hear this— ha! I get it.).

With this in mind, from the alignment happening, you will be better prepared to receive the desires attached to your heart and soul because those hopes are there for a reason.

I don’t know why you (we) are going through, but I do know that Love is the only reason we are still hanging on to the hope that something will eventually change. Know that you are not alone during the “love month.” You are in a position to prepare for your next chapter in your book of love that you are currently writing. Hope one day at a time.

Dr. E


These are my expressions of love, written with you in mind. May you be inspired.

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