Approval: Did you have to prove it again?

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When you seek approval every time you prove something to someone that does not see you for you, you lose energy.

My experience

I remember different moments of my life where I ‘had’ to prove myself to be accepted by folk. And for the record— this was tiring!

As I began to understand the importance of proving me to myself first— I also realized the energy I was putting forth wasn’t about me proving it to someone else. It was the fact that I didn’t demonstrate the confidence I needed to be okay with ‘me.’

The confidence factor

From a relational standpoint, proving that you are valuable to yourself ‘first’ is the root to you accepting you, which will manifest into others seeing your confidence.

In this case, we want others to be okay with who we are and what we do. But, with these wants, we can lose focus on the importance of having the confidence The Creator has freely given each one of us.

To put it another way, you might face complex scenarios where you desire for the person to accept you, be okay with you, or even love you. But on the inside, you have a silent struggle of approving you ‘first.’  

However, when you come to a place of understanding the value you have as an individual, your confidence shines brightly into the world.

It’s with that knowledge; you have the opportunity to receive goodness because you understood your value.

“What can this look like when you’re in a situation?”

When you don’t ‘receive’ you, people know that you want their approval, which gives them an opportunity to use your weaknesses against you.

Whatever situation you are facing right now where you feel like you regularly have to prove yourself to someone, do a quick check to make sure you accept you.

With the quick check, you can turn weaknesses into strengths by accepting you in this moment of your life, which gives you the automatic confidence you need to shine with love and self-assurance.

My nuggets of love to you

  • You have value.
  • You are one of a kind.
  • You are wonderfully made.
  • You have the inner confidence needed to accept you.
  • You have the wisdom needed to know your worth.
  • You are significant even when it doesn’t feel like it. 

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P.S. Because you are one of a kind, you have already been approved.

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