Finding The Balance In Your Life That Will Lead You To Peace

FINDING YOUR BALANCE… Finding the balance in your life can be a challenging task when being pulled in different directions. Most of us have different tasks we do in a day. And when we do those tasks repeatedly each day, it can become exhausting, which leads to feeling overwhelmed. Being pulled in different directions and feeling like you’re […]

4 Ways To Begin Handling The Emotions From Being Heartbroken

EVERY UNDESIRABLE EMOTION YOU FEEL IS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR GOD TO SHOW YOU WHO HE IS. The emotions that you feel are real because you are a human being that was created to feel different things when different situations arise. For instance, when you experience a heartbreak of any sort, the emotions are not comforting, […]

What You Can Do To Love Again After A Heartbreaking Experience

THE EXPERIENCE MAY BE DIFFICULT TO CONSUME MENTALLY, BUT KNOW THAT YOU ARE IN A POSITION FOR THINGS TO GET BETTER. Loving again after a heartbreaking experience can be the most challenging thing your soul has ever tried to do. In fact, some of us feel so broken on the inside because of our experiences that we’re […]

Praying. Are You Ready For The Answer To Arrive?

EACH TIME YOU PRAY FOR SOMETHING TO CHANGE, YOU HAVE TO BE MENTALLY PREPARED. MY QUICK STORY….   So, I have a couple of things that I’ve been praying about, and these things are life-altering, life-changing, and could be an awesome thing if it came to pass, but the journey of getting there is not […]