How To Overcome The Disappointment You Feel Right Now

THE LESSON I’M STILL LEARNING WHEN IT COMES TO OVERCOMING A DISAPPOINTMENT… I jokingly (i.e., that’s how I handle disappointment at times) tell myself inwardly at times, “well, here we go again!” These words form in my head and depending on how I feel that day, I speak them into the atmosphere, or I say […]

How To Get Power In Your Life From A Pause Moment

THE STORY There have been several times in my life where I felt confused, drained, unmotivated, lost, unexcited, and broken, but when I paused for a moment, the strength I wanted in my life appeared because I chose to pause (hesitated), which gave me power. When I paused, I no longer had to find the […]

Experience A New Version Of You In Life

THE EXAMPLE My most recent experience was my ‘fear’ to download a new update on my computer. Each time the notice would come up — I would shy away from it. Shy away? Yes. It was the fear of change that made me feel cramped on the inside. As I paused for a moment, I […]