What’s in your package? The undesirable things in life

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Have you ever gotten a package you wanted to send back to the sender?

Well, life is full of different packages you might want to return to the sender from time to time.

My package in real life

I’m the type of person that shows a lot of reactions on my face (ha! God’s way of making sure I don’t say anything too crazy), and sometimes my facial expression… talks for me.

A lesson I’m learning in this season of my life is teaching me that there is a reason you do not get everything you dream of in a ‘package,’ but instead, everything that is ‘for you.’ Do you see why my face talks for me at times?!

As I think about life, I realize the contents of a package presents itself to me for a reason.

With this in mind, it’s my job to understand the contents of the package (life lessons), so that I am better prepared to receive the next package life has to offer.

The package analogy

A lot of times what is for you might not come packaged or present itself in a way that is desirable, but it comes in a way that meets you where you are in life.

It’s not the outside of the package that makes all the difference— it’s the contents of the package that teaches you life lessons, which has the ability to make a difference.

When the package meets you where you are in life, you have taken the first step. But, being grateful for that package in the midst of life happening is the second step, which is the massive hill you have to climb.

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In climbing the hill, know the voices of doubt, disbelief, fear, frustration, anger, sadness, or any emotions the opposite of Peace, Love, and Joy…will try to keep you from climbing the hill and being grateful for your current package.

However, as you continue to make progress (i.e., showing up each day) the feelings will begin to subside, and you will gain the momentum you need to keep going.

If you have a package in your life right now that you want to get rid of; keep unraveling the contents of the package, so that you know why you got the delivery in the first place.


[bctt tweet=”If you’re climbing a steep hill in life, it’s okay to take a break to see how far you’ve come.” username=”tolovenaturally”][bctt tweet=”Life may not be to your desire of sweetness, but there is a reason you still have breath.” username=”tolovenaturally”][bctt tweet=”Life will make you question if it gets better. Hold on to what you felt before the questions.” username=”tolovenaturally”][bctt tweet=”The Creator did not make a mistake. He made you strong— even though it feels overrated.” username=”tolovenaturally”]

P.S. No one can carry your ‘package’ but you, so try to keep unraveling its contents day-by-day to see what you have.

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