Discover how to be at peace with God’s timing in your life

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Time may be uncomfortable right now, but with that uncomfortableness— God is preparing you inwardly to receive what you will see with your eyes.

When it doesn’t feel like you are moving in the direction you want to go; time has a part to play in that feeling.

As human beings, we are okay with time when life flows the way we want it to go. To the contrary, the least favorite part of the time is when you wait… and wait…and wait for something to go the way you desire.

Time is not an enemy. It’s an appointed moment in which something happens. Let time bring you peace by getting an understanding of Who controls the time.

If you are in a place of asking, “When is it going to change,” you are demonstrating patience, long-suffering, and strength. These are the essential ingredients that God allows you to feel when He is preparing you for the appointed time for beautiful things to happen.

Communication about time helps you have peace

To take the pressure off of yourself, say out loud “God help me.” It’s the outward cry for help that aligns your spirit and puts you in a position to be at peace with God’s timing. (If you want to learn more about how to put communication in action, check out 4 Action Steps to Spending Time with God)

When you take the first step to communicate with God, you will begin the journey of receiving peace in the midst of waiting on God to change your situation.

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