Really? What is the purpose of all of this, Lord?

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Purpose in life is often revealed in those uncomfortable moments when it looks like life is not getting any better.

Now, let’s go back to the title of the blog post. Really? What is the purpose of all of this, Lord? The question you may ask yourself often, or a question similar to the title above, is something we ponder as a human being that sees God as the Higher Power that is in control.

Going deeper, what do you do when you have this burning question, you stop and talk to the Higher Power about all of the unwanted emotions you are feeling.

True story

As I was pondering what I will write about this week, I experienced the question of “Really? What is the purpose of all of this Lord?”

You may ask, “what prompted you to ask that question?” Well, as I spoke to the doctor over the phone about my MRI results, they found something else on my MRI that’s not anywhere in the ballpark of a neurological condition I have. Once I got off of the phone with the doctor— I stopped, and said, “Lord, really??

It was after my moment with God that I began to feel the worry, heartbreak, frustration, and confusion lift from my soul.

Life is happening each day

As you’re reading this post, if life is turning out the way you hoped and dreamed —ride that way because this is your time and your season.

To the contrary, you may be reading this post, and life is throwing so many curve balls at once, you’re not able to ‘effectively’ catch what is being thrown your way because life is not happening the way you’ve hoped.

You may be in a place of asking God, Really? What is the purpose of all of this Lord?” If that is where you are, you may feel that God has forgotten your hopes and dreams, but he has not, in fact, He has set the specific dates and times for your dream(s) to manifest.

In a book titled Why? Trusting God When You Don’t Understand by Anne Graham Lotz says:

We can have hope as we place our trust in Him—in His faithfulness and in His ability to work out in our lives His purposes that will be for our ultimate good and His eternal glory.

With this quote from her book, it’s not a quote that one may want to hear during a time of wondering what the purpose for all of the pain, chaos, confusion, and all of the unwanted emotions that come from life happening. However, at the end of the day, as you begin to talk to Him (out loud if you need to), there will be a wave of peace that eventually comes to show you that He is going to work your situation out for His purpose, which is always good.

There is a Purpose

The pain is overwhelming. The disappointment is unforgettable. Life is not harmonizing with what you desire.

As you get up each day, know that there is a purpose for you on earth because you still have breath. It is with this breath you take each day that God is always leading you as you walk out your life journey, and He will lead you to your something good—keep going.

Dr. E


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