How to overcome the disappointment you feel right now

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Inspirational quote: Overcoming the disappointment will position you to receive something more significant than what you expect.


The lesson I’m still learning when it comes to overcoming a disappointment…

I jokingly (i.e., that’s how I handle disappointment at times) tell myself inwardly at times, “well, here we go again!”

These words form in my head and depending on how I feel that day, I speak them into the atmosphere, or I say them internally.

“Why these words, you might wonder?” It’s because these words relate to how the scale goes uppppppp…. and down.

When something is “off” in life; I pack on the pounds. When life is flowing oh so beautifully, I’m hitting the gym at least six times a week, running, lifting weights, feeling good, and everything else that comes when you feel good about yourself.

When my weight yo-yos back and forth like that, I spend many of days “silently” feeling disappointed.

Once I began to look at the disappointment as a way for me to be repositioned, that’s when I realized there was a lesson for me to learn.

“How did the disappointment position me?” It positioned me to learn how to love me, how to embrace me, how to be kind to me instead of feeling I’m not worthy of great things happening to me, and it positioned me to walk with confidence during the season of disappointment.

Life will bring disappointments

If you are in a place in your life where you have experienced a lot of disappointments, there is still a reason as to why you walked through the feeling of being disappointed.

In particular, you could have gained a lot of weight, lost too much weight, went through a bad breakup, experienced a divorce, lost someone close to you, did not get the job you wanted, frustrated because you are not where you want to be in life, and the list keeps going. Each one of these things can make you feel overwhelmed, depressed, sad, anxious, doubtful, hopeless, not beautiful, and all of the awkward feelings that come from being disappointed.

However, each one of these feelings will position you for something more fabulous if you continue to hang in there.

Deal with the feeling of disappointment

As a result of you dealing with the feeling of being defeated (disappointed) by being real with yourself, you will release the toxins (the enemies voice in your ear) that have you tied up in knots on the inside.

By you releasing those toxins, your soul has a chance to feel God’s love, which will get you in position to receive what the gremlin does not want you to receive.

Know that you will win in the end if you faint not…

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