How do I move on from a broken past?

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This is a topic I hold close to my heart because I have lived the brokenness one feels when life happens unexpectedly.

“A broken past…what do you mean?”

The experience of feeling like your world is spinning out of control and nothing is working out for you.

A sense of: Why not me? Why me? Or I’m just tired of my life because it’s not moving.

You may not have experienced these exact feelings and emotions, you may have experienced something different, or you may be thinking about a past hurt that has come back to mind as you read this blog.

Either way, as human beings, we have real emotions and feelings that speak our truth in each season of our lives.

“What type of feelings could I experience from my brokenness?”

The feeling of heaviness deep in your soul that comes from the sense of confusion, frustration, sadness, depression, and/or being just plain tired.

The list can go on and on because of how we each experience different emotions from our individual situations in life.

You talked about all of the emotions I might feel:  “How do I move on, or better yet, how did you do it?”

My answer: I faced my reality head on–and I continue to face my reality each day I breathe.

I would prefer to say that a broken past smells like a bouquet of beautiful pink roses, but 99% of the time it does not smell that way.  

From a transparent standpoint, I have been broken many times in my life– to the point I felt it was my time exit earth (ha! but God’s grace/mercy has kept me)!

Getting over the hurt, pain, and confusion from broken relationships, being financially strapped, and the loss of my brother was all breaking points for me in my life.

But, in all of this, I learned that a broken state will be used to propel you forward.


The pain and hurt you might be feeling will NOT be wasted.

In fact, it’s the brokenness from your past that will be used for something so great, you probably won’t believe it the first time you walk through it.

“So, what can I do?”

  • Confide (be wise because everyone will not be able to handle your truth) in someone that will build you up-even when you don’t feel like being built up.
  • Be honest with yourself and what you are feeling.
  • Release the control of not wanting to be vulnerable and the shame that comes from the situation you’re facing.

Sweet reminders:

Your brokenness will last for a season. Once that season is over, the pieces that were broken will be made anew again.

Those broken pieces of your heart will not go to waste. They will actually be the foundation of all the beautiful things that are headed in your direction!

P.S. Know that the valley will not overtake you. It will open your eyes to the possibilities that have been waiting on you once you have walked through the valley of brokenness.

P.S.S. Keep moving forward one day at a time–you will come out on the other side.

Love matters,

Dr. E


These are my expressions of love, written with you in mind. May you be inspired.

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