How to love when you don’t feel like loving them

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Celebration can be a difficult thing to do when the other person is showing you the opposite of something to celebrate. But, when you celebrate the other person in ‘real-time’ (seeking out the positives), there is an opportunity for chaos to cease, and for love to find its way.

‘What do I mean by that?”

As humans, we gravitate toward peace, love, connection, and hopefulness. When these four nouns are crying out for attention internally, you might see a different person showing up that you have never seen before, or have not seen in a while.

I will be the first to raise my hand and say, “this is easier said than done.” However, when you attempt the action, The Universe is there to soften your heart so that you can celebrate where that person is at that moment.

The flow of love

You may be single, married, dating, or hanging out with folk, there is always an opportunity to celebrate others where they are.

When you take the chance to celebrate them, your heart softens, your capacity for love grows, and you meet the internal need the person was gravitating toward, which will cause the opportunity for goodness to flow back to you (especially when you need to ‘feel’ loved).

What goes up eventually lands where it started

To give you a visual of what I like to think of the flow of love and celebration, I created this dandy pyramid as a sweet reminder of what the capacity for love can look like when you ‘choose’ to celebrate and give em’ love.

P.S. Love will try your tolerance, but when you love when it’s not convenient, your patience and peace grow.

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P.P.S Listen to the Podcast where I give an example of choosing love.


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