In the article last week, I talked about how to sense your sweet spot. But, what happens when the ‘sweet spot’ seems like it is far out of reach?

In real life.

I’ve always wanted for every situation to be perfect (please don’t judge me, I’m transparent right now), and when the situation was not ideal, it was a task for me to regroup. Recently, I faced a situation from a relational standpoint where I was in my sweet spot. In fact, I prayed. I believed (whewww that was a process in itself). I trusted. I continued to go about my day… each day. But, when what I prayed for did not manifest like I thought it would…I questioned if I was in the “sweet spot,” which led me to struggle internally. It was in my struggle that I taught myself to do four things that helped me to be grateful for the answered prayer because initially, I did not want the prayer answered in that form or fashion!

“What do I do when the spot is not sweet like I thought it would be?”

  1. You pause.
  2. You reflect.
  3. You regroup.
  4. You continue.
You might be engaged in a scenario where it feels like you ‘wish’ you were someplace else in your life (I’m not judging you at ALL) because you had no idea you would be at the place you are in your life. [bctt tweet=”I encourage you to pause, reflect, regroup and continue.” username=”tolovenaturally”] Because life will NOT be perfect, you have to come to a place of peace within yourself first (yep, this is easier said than done too). With all of the ‘life stuff’ that can happen to you, the mindset of activating peace within yourself first can set you on a path of realizing that your sweet spot is a culmination of the actions you put into practice. To put it another way, when you insert an action of pause, reflect, regroup, and continue into play, you are defining how you react, which can set you on the path of peace. [bctt tweet=”Don’t let people lure you from your sweet spot because you own the rights to that spot.” username=”tolovenaturally”] Whenever faced with an opportunity to take the chance, remember to count the cost, so that you have somewhat prepared for the logistics of the chance you are taking. Given these points, I encourage you to take the chance. I encourage you to tap into your sweet spot. I encourage you to regroup when you need to regroup. I encourage you to keep walking toward the spot that is sweet to your senses.

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