How do I know I’m loved?

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Whewww! It has been one of those days, where I feel like I want to quit, but now I’m able to embrace the joy that comes from being able to connect with you!

“So, are you serious?”

Am I loved?

Really, really, loved… For real?!


I’ve asked myself this question a lot of times, especially when it’s not going the way I expected it to go.

As humans, our natural tendency is to connect love to how people treat us, respond to us, respect us, and love us.

All of these elements can make us feeeeelllll loved. But, looking deeper, these elements are not the only thing that can make us believe that we are loved or unloved.

What do I mean by that?

Some of the coldest days in my life were when I felt unloved because I was inundated with the problems of life.

It wasn’t that my relationships were out of sorts, it was because my purpose, my passion, and my drive to wake up every day and continue were out sorts.

However, in the midst of me not feeling loved, I had to get to the root of my issues by being honest with myself because it was ‘beginning’ to affect my relationships in an indirect way.

“How did you know that you were still loved though?”

I began to understand that nothing in life was an accident.

I mean, when I meditated on how nothing is an accident, I realized that everything under the sun was established before you or I were thought to be born.

It was in this moment, I learned that life can be a scary thing.  

I also learned that if we keep sweeping our issues  (i.e. depression, hurt, pain, fear, doubt, the list goes on) of life under the rug, it takes quadruple times longer to get what we need for us to be whole.

[bctt tweet=”By us not being honest with ourselves about our own lives, these factors have the potential to keep us bound by fear, shame, and guilt.” username=”tolovenaturally”]

Your issues are not always the most pleasurable thing to bring to the surface, but it’s needed for you understand that you are loved in spite of the bumps and bruises that come with “life.”

Further, it’s when you begin to stop sweeping your life under the rug that you get a more rooted understanding that you are loved in spite of the ‘potential foolishness’ you may be exposed to in your life.

“So, what can I do next to feel loved?”

Click here to see my 4 step process (everything in life is a process) that I use as a jump starter to get me feeling and ‘knowing’ that I am loved.

These nuggets also speak to the actions I choose to do on a daily basis to keep the issues in my life from not taking over!

So, let’s do the process together because we are worth knowing that we are loved!


P.S. You are loved even when life feels like it’s the opposite of what you thought it would be… ←-I’m still learning this one too.


One Love,

Dr. E


These are my expressions of love, written with you in mind. May you be inspired.

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